ProTeam Super CoachVac 10 Quart Vacuum Cleaner

Clean Like a Pro

Designed with productivity in mind, the Super CoachVac HEPA 10 quart vacuum is the favorite choice among commercial cleaning professionals everywhere. Whether you are cleaning large areas or small, hard surfaces or carpet, high or low surfaces, this backpack vacuum saves time and effort.

At only 11 pounds, this backpack vacuum is almost half the weight of a traditional upright vacuum. The included two-piece wand weighs less than 3.5 pounds, which means that your arm muscles don’t have to bear the extra weight

Unlike upright vacuums, backpack vacuums are easy to maneuver around and under chairs, tables, floor lamps and other furniture items. With all the included tools, you can reach that area under the couch, without having to move the couch first, or easily vacuum the dust off your ceiling fans.

Unlike upright vacuums cords, which get in the way while you’re vacuuming, backpack vacuums allow for easier cord management. With backpack vacuums, you can enjoy freedom of movement like never before as you don't have to mess with the cords.


It's Body Friendly

Backpack vacuums distribute the weight evenly around your natural center of gravity for a better balance and lighter feel. Backpack vacuums use your body’s core and leg muscles, and cause less fatigue and body strain as compared to upright vacuums, which use arm muscles. When worn properly, this vacuum’s adjustable harness responds to your motion as you're vacuuming. This backpack vacuum also fits close to body, just like a backpack, and reduces accidental contact with walls and doorways.

             Floors, Ceilings and

             Everything In Between

This commercial backpack vacuum comes with loaded with accessories for detail cleaning - floors, low pile carpets, upholstery, ceiling fans, you name it! This versatile vacuum easily moves across a variety of hard surfaces (hardwood, linoleum, tile) and low-pile carpets, and also lets you clean above-the-floor areas such as stairs, furniture, vents, and light fixtures. The integrated tool belt keeps the accessories close at hand while you’re vacuuming.